ScreenHunter_186 Jul. 14 07.10The client brief from Viet Tim Institut Du Coeur focused on changing their existing stand-alone software application that was not performing well and not effectively enabling doctors’ to manage their workload.

Doctor’s needed an application that enabled them to work and communicate while on the move, not be limited to a desktop device thereby saving time and track their workload better. They also needed to be able to communicate with their client patients better.

ScreenHunter_187 Jul. 14 07.24Our Solution

  • Create a web-app base to solve the mobility problem allowing doctor’s and nurse’s to access and input information from anywhere.
  • Integrate an analytical system so they can easily receive summaries and manage their workload more effectively.
  • Our development team observed the user journey of doctors and nurses and realised that many users were not computer experts and lacked sufficient familiarity with using software, so we needed to make the user interface easy to use and reduce any confusing technical aspects for the users.
  • Our design approach was to make information very fast to work with and  convenient to take action as required.
  • We worked hard on the technical logic to incorporate smart filling data fields on all inputs so that doctors could input critical information easier and much faster.