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ICICI Bank Pockets is a VISA powered wallet that customers of any bank can use to send money, recharge their mobile phone usage, shop anywhere, pay bills and much more.

Pockets wallet also comes with a physical shopping card which can be used to shop anywhere, in retail stores and online shopping websites.

Writing a cheque is so last gen. With Pockets you can send money to a mobile phone number, email IS, Google+ or Facebook contacts, and of course, bank accounts. You can even request money from friends using the same system.

Pockets has so many amazing features in-store. It allows you to book movie tickets, recharge your mobile phone usage, as well as gift physical shopping vouchers to friends. You can also pay your bills, electricity, telephone and allow you to share expenses with the help of it’s bill splitter function.

Pockets Wallet Success

  • Increased the frequency of customers using the application to access banking services from 1 time / month to 2-3 times / week.
  • New user experiences improved user emotion to the bank branding.
  • Increased effective gross sales of banking services.
  • Attracted more customers opening new bank accounts, 40% increase during the first 6 months.