ScreenHunter_185 Jul. 14 07.08Fimexco has more than 10 years experience supplying travel services within the Vietnam tourism industry and is a brand name well known by many people via their offline retail agents but had poor recognition via online outlets leaving large segments of the local travel services market under developed and not properly exploited.

The client brief was to develop an effective online digital business solution to be able to reach and grow the available online travel market.

Our Solution

  • Build a comprehensive marketing strategy to build business growth and customer brand loyalty.
  • Create a delivery platform across devices (tablet, mobile, desktop) to create a new digital experience for existing and potential travel services users.
  • Build an analytics system to monitor the user interactions, helping them to get the right feedback and information, and to assist Fimexco staff to gain more insight and understanding of their users.
  • Integrate with the existing airline ticketing system to help booking proceedures, adding promotional campaigns and to attract more travel clients.

How We Achieved This

  • Our team did extensive study of the user experience and defined the user’s journey
  • We worked very closely with Fimexco business team to define, and refine, what the user needed.
  • From there we developed a wireframe concept that would best serve the customer needs.
  • Our design team then developed the finished product to deply effectively across platforms: mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • We then tested the user interface and refined the user experience even further.
  • Transfered a range of unique selling points to the digital experience – while young people don’t really enjoy the fixed-tour travel concept any more, they want more freedom to explore.
  • We teamed up with Fimexco to design a program that allows the young generation to select thheir preferred itinerary and personalise their own tour experience.
  • We provided options to customise every section including air tickets, hotel bookings, activities, locations, trip duration and other aspects.
  • Air ticket booking app integrated into the customer web app page.