It is critically important for us and our valued international clients to ensure that any information, business details, and data information is kept secure and within our specific management and allocated project development teams.

All our direct staff, management and technical team are specifically selected for their high level of personal honesty and business integrity.

All outside technical and design specialists who may be involved in our projects are similarly selected and work under our own management and technical supervisory control.

Programming and development work is undertaken within our secure work areas where maximum control over our work systems, computers and communications equipment, can be maintained within our secure working environment at all times.

Particular arrangements can additionally be made when handling ultra-critical data and information, especially when working with our banking services clients, to ensure that the physical environments, computer systems and all technical resources that we apply are kept secure and restricted to immediate project personnel only.


It is a requirement of employment for all our management , team specialists and technical developers to agree to and sign a comprehensive non-disclosure-agreement. This ensures that they fully understand the critical nature of the information they are dealing with , plus their own and our company responsibilities towards client information confidentiality and data security.