We are a co-operative group of IT software programmers, designers and web developers with international experience bringing all our variety of technical knowledge and skills, plus online sales, business and marketing experience, into the mix in our offered services to assist you and your business develop the very best, most effective solutions to your online business needs.

Our senior management team brings together a wide range of technical skills in digital media presentation, content management and online information delivery across channels and directly to customers through our training experience. Add to this our depth in business management skills and project management guidance and we are confident that we can timely manage your development projects through our extensive practical experience in team leadership of our design and technical teams to produce the result that your business requires.

Our project management processes are continuously improved to reduce development and delivery times, enhance work efficiency and to keep your total development costs to a more cost effective level. In addition, our location and +7 hours GMT timezone enable us to often work complementary time schedules for international clients where server access and/or customer use require such critical consideration.

Our associated group of over 20 young and enthusiastic technical team members specialize in cutting edge web apps for mobile device delivery with our software developers using progressive programming methodologies to build, operate and maintain robust data services. Our graphics and web design people focus on user interface design creating innovative visual web solutions for your websites, mobile delivery platforms, and social media channel support services to effectively manage your content delivery, online sales and communication needs.

Some of our specialist project team members have extensive experience in banking system engineering, e-commerce business solutions, and mobile device application development including critical content management across multiple platforms. We focus on technical performance and design aesthetics for the best possible user experience and positive interactive engagement in an increasingly mobile world.

We sincerely hope that we can assist you in providing offshore technical, design and project management expertise to effectively collaborate with you to create and implement high performance mobile apps for your business to deliver the best user experience and best products in the marketplace.