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Dũng Trần Minh Role:  Creative web designer,  Asia Dragon Design ( Rongchaua Vietnam) Skills: Web design and development technologies, online advertising, SEO & SEM solutions, online media planning Experience: Website design and online advertising specialist supplying impressive professional creative products

Hybrid Education Delivery

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The development of Education or Learning Delivery Systems is an increasingly vibrant and important area of Internet use. Whether it is delivering supporting materials direct to classroom students, providing educational and training materials to home-based students, or providing effective remote location delivery, it is increasingly important that the latest web App, web-based and mobile device delivery methods are used.

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Outsourcing is promoted as one of the most powerful trends in modern management. The rationale for outsourcing some functions and/or processes includes substantial financial economies, increased ability to focus on strategic issues, access to technology and specialized expertise, and an

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